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Asked a question 3 months ago

Hi Doctor. My baby is 1.5 months old. He used to take feed well. But from yesterday he is taking very little feed and spitting out. He is demanding feed every one hour but not taking feed properly. He is not sleeping at all in the night. He was crying more than usual. He is on breastfeed + formula feed. Is this of any concern? Please help

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Hello, our specialist will asnswer soon.


It‘s possible that your baby is having some sort of discomfort due to which feeding has slowed down. Issues could be colic which is common with mixed type of feeding (breast milk plus formula). Or it could be reflux. I suggest you burp the baby properly after every feed and keep upright for at least 10minutes before laying the baby down. Also after feeds take a relatively flat pillow and keep the baby propped up (WAIST IPWARDS) on the pillow (NOT pillow under head only). This should help reduce reflux. If the problems persist kindly consult a pediatrician.