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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi doctor, My baby is 6 month old and exclusively breastfed. We had our baby's weaning ceremony today and my family offered him one small spoon of sweet pongal ( rice cooked with moong dal and jaggery). Only later I came to know that some amount of cows milk was added while cooking it. Am afraid now as I have heard cows milk isn't allowed till one year. It's been few hours now and my baby is doing fine till now.Though my baby took just one spoon, will it cause any harm to him? Are they any long term side effects due to this ? Do I need to get any tests done ? Please help as am very scared thinking about it.

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don’t worry, since you have mentioned baby just ate one spoon and the amount of milk added was also little(as you mentioned), this is very unlikely to cause any untoward effect, make sure that you don’t give sugar and salt to the baby now.