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Asked a question 9 months ago

Hi doctor, my baby just completed 6 months and has been exclusively on breastfeed till date. My maternity leave is getting ended within few days and I need to start working from office. Can I introduce him formula, if yes nan pro 1 or 2 to be introduced along with solids? Also on returning home, can I breastfeed him like before? Also, I need to understand the reason behind my exhaustion post every breastfeed these days? Because of this exhaustion, I am not even able to do my routine tasks. Please help me urgently

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First key is to not to take so much of stress this will effect milksupply.I would suggest you to meet lactation consultant before introducing formula as you can easily work on pumping and store milk beforehand only.But it needs mental preparation also.You9 can continue breastfeeding once you join office and continue feeding after office also.