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Hi doctor daughter was born on Oct 11 2021 ( 34 weeks in pregnancy).She is a preterm baby..she is vomiting ( thick consistent like a flum) continuously after a feed ..child doctor told her to feed 1 hr duration 30 ml of expressed milk .she is vomiting each 1 hr ..plz suggest how to stop this vomiting sensation..and tell us duration and quantity of feed for my baby

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So as of today your baby corrected gestational age is 40+2 weeks which means she is term. You haven’t mentioned her birth weight and what her current weight is. I can’t comment without knowing how well your baby is gaining weight. Have you tried direct breast feeding also? You may feed your baby every 2-3hours at this point but then the volume would change. It is possible your baby has some amount of reflux which is why she is vomiting. Kindly connect with a pediatrician with her discharge details from hospitals so you can be guided as to how to go about with the feeding.