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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi Dr. My baby is 3 month old(born on 21.05.21). He sleeps at night for 5-8 hours in a stretch and we have to wake him up to feed and also doesn't pee while sleeping at night. In the day time his pee count is almost 6 to 8 times. His birth weight was 2.94kg, weight on 30.07.21 was 4.9kg and on 27.08.21 is 5.06kg earlier he was gaining a kg/month but this month it was only 760gm. Sometimes he feed only for 5 to 10min ( mostly in the morning after a full night sleep when he is very sleepy).

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Firstly let me congratulate you for making your baby a 3 month old bundle of joy! I wish to tell you that the weight gain of your baby is optimum as per the growth pattern of a healthy baby. The weight gain is more in the initial months and slows down after 2-4 months. Also at this age it's ok to let the baby feed when he's hungry. Urine frequency seems normal. I would love to answer more queries from you. I am available online at :