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Asked a question 5 days ago

Hi i am a new mom, delivered my baby on 9th via c section,I am diabetic.I am not able to feed my baby cz supply is very less.he is on top feed.I want to feed my baby and trying every possible thing simultaneously I am worried about his immunity.

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Hello, pls consult Dr Ruth Patterson in cloudnine. She sits regularly at jaynagar cloudnine, however weekly once visits other Cloudnine hospitals too. She is too good and for sure will guide u with rite meds for supply increase.


Top feeds cater to meeting the basic nutritional needs of your baby. Of course there are some biological components in breast milk that won’t be available in the top feeds but worrying about it will not solve matters. Once you have sorted out your health issues try to establish lactation with the help of your lactation consultant and try and remain positive. There are lots of babies on exclusive formula milk who do absolutely fine too. Once you start solids for your son after 6months ensure nutritious food intake to ensure good immunity. All the best!!

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Asked a question 5 days ago
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