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Asked a question 4 months ago

Hi, I am due this month, can anyone who delivered in Cloudnine help me with what is needed to be packed in a hospital bag? What all things are provided by hospital? ( note: i have the list given by hospital but i needed a practical list) Thank you! :)

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Hi Stuti

i can answer from the baby’s point of view.….

So as soon as baby is born it is clothed in a set of clothes provided by the hospital. That includes a cap, mittens, socks,  a onesie and a swaddle cloth. There is a shop in cloudnine where you can buy all baby needs but ideally it’s better to buy it, wash it then use it for your newborn. 
This is an answer I have previously provided. Have copied and pasted it below:

These would be the requirements for the baby:

  1. Many sets of clothes - onesies/rompers, mittens and socks and cotton swaddle clothes. All washed and dried. Detergent is not required. As soon as baby is born it is clothed in a set provided by the hospital unless you provide a set. It should include whatever I mentioned above. Baby may soil the clothes and if soiled would require a change of clothes. 
  2. You may get/will be provided wet wipes and diapers, baby wash Or get ones of your choice. And of course a hand sanitizer which will also be provided.
  3. I would recommend getting a feeding pillow - the C shaped one that’ll help you once you are able to sit up and feed.

Hope this helps. Happy parenting!