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Asked a question last year

Hi, I am experiencing slight tenderness/pain below my belly button 20 days after c-section. Is it normal? Also, my bleeding is infrequent. When do I expect it to stop ?

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slight pain in the lower abdomen may not be something to worry about but check for other symptoms like fever, burning micturition or any discharge from the section site etc Then you might need to consult. Try to keep yourself well hydrated. 

Postpartum bleeding can continue till 8 weeks of delivery which may vary from every individual. 
for more detailed information you can consult our specialist through video consultation, book an appointment at

Hi, slight pain is ok , watch for bleeding  , infrequent bleedin is ok,  cause u are lactating mother,  but if it's too infrequent then visit the hospita ,   if the bleeding pattern,  increases more than 1 pad, please visit the hospital..