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Asked a question 3 months ago

Hi, I am pregnant for first time.I am new in tracking baby movements, Im 28 week pregnant and I have started tracking movements after food. i can observe around 15 movements in 30 mins . is this normal. Also past few days in morning or at night or both, i can feel the hiccups of baby for sometime, is it normal

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Hello Apurva

its good that you are keeping track of baby movements.

baby hiccups are normal, you need not worry about that.

we usually recommend movements counting by week 32, where in you count baby movements after each meals for about 1-2 hours while lying down in left lateral position. minimum 4-5 movements to be counted after each meals , which sums up to 10-12 movements In a day which you need to count and document on the DFMC CHART.

although the baby may move many times a day, if you document about 12 movements in a day, it’s quits reassuring.