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Asked a question 9 months ago

Hi, My baby had effected by dengue in last month it got reduced after a week, now he is getting fever from 4 days around 101degree. And it's not reduced. Unfortunately We are not in Bangalore, here doctor said wait till Wednesday for the blood test and use paracetamol and meftal. Could please help that what could be the reason

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its quite unfeasible for us to tell here what could be the cause for fever with examining the baby or knowing complete history. As you said that you have consulted pediatrician there please follow their advise and get necessary investigations done as per the need, or you may avail for video consultation with our pediatrician so that we can get the clear history and advis, book an appointment at

Hi Anil,

     Fever happening frequently is not a good sign. The doctor needs more information if tests and treatment t have to be prescribed. Please consult at the earliest at the link below so that we can help your baby :