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Asked a question 6 months ago

Hi, my baby is 10month old. I would like to give him finger foods, but he is not willing to take food by his hand. As soon as he see food he will open his mouth and expects us to feed. How do I encourage him to take food and feed himself. Kindly suggest.

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Hi Ramya,

Firstly, you make sure that finger foods pieces are small enough for the baby to handle. Baby learns by imitating others. So eat your meals with your baby.


For more details on starting solids and weaning please get in touch with us.




So u can try to let him initially play with food and get messy …embrace the mess……  hold food and eat infront of him while he eats …one caregiver should eat at eye level with baby…..  he ll imitate u… keep trying and make it a happy and fun activity … no distractions like ty or music….. he will eventually start grasping food…  see more videos on baby led weaning