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Asked a question 7 months ago

Hi, My baby is 4 month old and exclusively breastfed. Past few weeks he is sleeping less during daytime and having only catnaps during daytime. Also last couple of weeks he has gained only 0.2 kg. So am wondering if my milk supply is less ? Can I do anything to boost my supply ? His birth weight was 3kg and current weight is 6.4 kg. How much weight is considered normal at 4 months ?

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Hello it’s quite common  for the baby to have changes in the sleep schedule, your baby’s weight is with in the normal range for his age. Usually baby ‘s weight should be double their birth weight by 5 —6 months and triple by 1 yr… if you still feel that your bm  is less you can try to bf the baby often, pump in between the feeding to empty the leftover milk, (these help in stimulating more milk production).  take protein rich food

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