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Asked a question 2 months ago

Hi my child got a hepatitis A2 vaccination at Cloudnine .:he’s 22 months old ..Pediatrician has put a paper types bandage on the vaccination site to take That out’s been 2 days that paper bandage is there not coming out ..if I am trying to remove he’s feeling uncomfortable..what to do ??

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Pls apply oil ( any baby oil) on that bandage site and then gently try n pull it. oil will make the area moist n the tape will come off easily. But pls next time don’t leave the bandage for two days. You need to remove it after an hour or so. 


Wet the bandage with alcohol swab and slowly try to remove it. If alcohol swab is not available, you can try removing it after applying some water to it. If it's too uncomfortable to remove, please visit pediatrician.