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Asked a question 4 months ago

Hi Now i have had IVF from cloud nine and the embryo transfer , i am 8 weeks pregnant but i don't have abdomen pain or the back pain and even the sore breast and frequent urination has got reduced. Out of my past experience again i feel i am going to loose the baby. Also this time i have had no bleeding and also i am taking clexane 60mg and HCQS 300 mg along with other medicines Here is the past history I had recurrent miscarriages (totally 4 lost 5 fetus) In 2019 I had IUI twice but failed and in 2020 I had IVF (twice embryo transfer set of 3 at a time) and was successful but had a miscarriage at around 8th week due to no heart beat to the fetus. In 2021 again had IUI and was successful with twins but again lost it at around 8th week due to no heart beat Finally went for investigation to a very famous centre in Chennai Mediscan and had genetic counseling but turned out to be no issues in genetic And I was advised for APS test where I turned out to be positive and so I was referred to a doctor in Apollo to a rheumatologist and again I was asked to repeat the APS test where it turned out to be negative, but the doctor has concluded that I am Seronegative Obstetrics APS So what I have been advised was after conceiving throughout the pregnancy I should be taking blood thinner shots Again in 2022 I had IUI and wasn't successful post that I had another set of IUI but had early miscarriage. After all this i have met a member from the group who recommended me to cloud nine hospital and now that again i underwent IVF and 8 weeks pregnant. I have had my first scan around 6 weeks and found the heart beat now again on coming Saturday i will have to go for the scan but some inner feelings and the past experience makes me to feel that again i would be back to the square one. This time there is nothing that i have missed or i would feel guilty for, as i have fallowed all the medications that i have missed earlier or not known earlier. Still i feel like i would loose this baby..

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I am really sorry to hear your bad obstetric history. 
As now we know that the diagnosis is obstetric APS and you are on all the recommended drugs to prevent the Fetal loss, we would expect to be having a good progress this time. I would recommend to continue medications and be positive. 
If you want to discuss more, you may have a video consultation by booking the slot.