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Asked a question 13 days ago

Hi Pediatrician’s my son will turn 7 months old on coming Monday. he’s teething & during night since 2 weeks he’s crying a lot & unable to sleep properly in the night &. since 2 days he’s not able to sleep at all due to teething…he’s crying a lot putting his hands in the mouth & his gums are swollen he’s very uncomfortable & in pain during night He is having cold also since yesterday. Please suggest something for this so that my baby is no pain & can sleep during the night peacefully

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your baby may be irritable due to teething, you can give your baby, you can use teething toy after cooling it so that baby gets some relief,  Or you may consult a pediatrician once As you have mentioned that baby has cold too. 
take care. 


Like Dr. Rachana suggested please use teething toys (the fluid filled ones that go into the fridge before using). Also you may touch an ice cube till your finger is cool and massage the red area of your baby’s gums, that would help soothe him. The Paracetamol drops given to you at the time of vaccinations is your go to medicine to help with pain and discomfort. Of course monitor his temperature and watch development of any additional symptoms which might mean he has picked up a viral infection. If that is the case then please consult a pediatrician. 

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Asked a question 13 days ago
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