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I am 39 years old. Will conceiving now lead to born of genetically abnormal child?

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The reproductive age group of a woman varies on an average between 15-45 years of age. During this age group she has a finite number of eggs in both her ovaries. As the age advances the number of eggs reduces and so does the quality of the eggs and the end of the reproductive age group. At the age of 20 years, approximately, 20 % of her eggs are genetically abnormal. This value reaches to 35-40 % at the age of 35 years and thereafter the value increases by 0.5 % every month, where by the time she is 40 years, approximately, 50 % of her eggs are genetically abnormal. So, even at the age of 39 years you have fair chances of conceiving a genetically normal child and there are many investigations during early pregnancy, wherein, most of the genetic abnormalities can be detected in the baby.

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