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Asked a question 4 months ago

I am in 5th week of pregnancy and have just found out about it, All of my reports are normal. My last period date was 5th dec, typical 29days cycle. Ovulation date predicted was 18th dec and I had alcohol in 2nd week (on 23rd dec) and 3rd week(on 31st dec) of pregnancy (before the next period date and before pregnancy was detected, once in both weeks)? Can this harm the development of baby? Please guide, Is there something that I need to do as a precaution?

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Greata Sherene RobinsonTeam Nutrition
Executive Nutritionist at Cloudnine Hospital

Hi , 

Do not worry of what’s already been done . But from now on do not consume alcohol nor smoking during your pregnancy journey as it might harm the foetus growth and development. And also do inform your doctor about this. Include healthy nutrient dense meals and work on good quantity of micro and macronutrients. Take care.