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Asked a question 2 years ago

I get periods spotting kinda with pain at lower post 4th of C sec.. i hve done all blood tests like prolactin and others... tests stand normal. i get white discharge too often.. is it normal?

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 some amount of whit’s discharge is normal unless it is associated with foul-smelling or itching it is physiological.

 Mild  pain during periods is normal, if you have regular periods the flow should not be a matter of concern .you can get yourself tested few regular blood test thyroid profile and prolactin if these are normal then the flow amount should not concern much till  time periods are regular.

if Weight is on higher side , you can try loosing weight, which also helps in period regularization.

Hi dear 

The question is a little confusing . . Did you get a c section on 4 th of this month ? And are your periods always scanty ? I would suggest you to kindly get a video consultation so that we can chat face to face and know the correct history and guide you with appropriate medications. .

Take care