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Asked a question 4 months ago

I had missed misscarriage last year around this time. Now today I am into 11 weeks and 2 days of pregnancy. I had my EP scan done in 8 week and 4 days. Baby heart beat was good. But was detected with sub chorionic collection of 22x20 mm. Since then i am having spotting and bleeding( brown mostly). I have not been able to stay pad free single day. To note that I am having nausea and vomitting mostly around late evening and irritation from food smell and sprays. I am into 300 mg progestron dose twice a day. I am not able to understand if this is fresh blood coming or not. I have my NT scan on 10 june. Is something to worry about due to spotting or bleeding ?what is the size of sub chorionic collection small, medium or large? Pls advice is its something to worry about or its normal.

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The subchorionic collection is small. Most probably subchorionic bleed is coming out. Brownish discharge can be that subchorionic collection blood and it may be coming out which is dark red in colour. Continue progesterone supplements advised by your obstetrician. 
Do visit your obstetrician if you develop any fresh heavy bleeding associated with clots , crampy pain in lower abdomen.

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