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Asked a question 22 days ago

My baby is 1month 10days old and she is getting tears from her right eye, is it normal? Please help.

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This can be blocked tear duct.

Tears flow from the eye to the nose through narrow tubes called tear ducts/ nasolacrimal duct

A blocked tear duct usually happens when the membrane inside the lower end of the tear duct, near the nose, is slow to open after a baby is born. This creates a blockage. Although the blockage is usually present from birth, it might not be obvious until your baby is around one month old.

Try massaging the ducts. If that dosent help do visit your paediatrician. 

Nasolacrimal duct massage

This may help to clear any blockage. The method for massaging is as follows:

  1. Wash your hands and ensure your fingernails are short.
  2. With the tip of your forefinger, apply moderate to firm pressure to the side of the nose, where the upper and lower lids join, and slide the finger downward for a short distance (1 – 2 cm) whilst maintaining pressure.
  3. Repeat five times, twice a day.