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Asked a question 14 days ago

My baby is 4 months old, he is constantly breast feeding and has become clingier than usual. Should I see a doctor?

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Dear better to consult ur doctor Regarding this matter. Maybe your milk supply is getting low. Doctor will suggest you medicine to increase your milk supply. Other than this You can eat green leafy vegetable, lots of fruits, fenugreek seeds also. These all will help to Improve ur milk supply. If it will not be helpfull for you then u can go for Formula milk . I hv also given formula milk to my baby. Formula milk is specially made for babies so nothing to worry. I chose Aptamil Gold for my baby. Aptamil Gold cause it has HMO n Prebiotic in it. which are essential part of mother's milk. Actually its close to mothers milk. HMO improve babies immunity and Prebiotic makes baby gut system healthy. So U can also go for this. 

Hi dear, I have been through this phase too, it's very hard for us to manage our baby during this time, I consulted my doctor for the same,she said that BM supply sometimes affected by hormonal imbalance, so she suggested me to take a balanced diet, also for fulfilling nutritional requirements of the baby I started giving Aptamil Gold Stage 1, it is closest to breast milk and also has Prebiotics and HMOs, so if you are planning to introduce FM then do consult your pediatrician first. 

Hi Ambika, 

Nothing to worry. 

Sometimes babies ask for feed not for hunger but can be just for comfort. 

If there are any concerns like irritable baby,  reduced feed, reduced frequency of urination or stool, can visit your doctor.