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My baby is 5months and has a lot of reflux. Even after burping the baby is not at ease most of the times as he wants to burp again and again. Is this normal at this age. Baby is on ebf.

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During first year of age it is common for the babies to have spitting on one or more occasions per day .Also Diet of mother who is breast feeding her child may be the reason for her  gassy baby like beans/broccoli/cabbage /excessive fat intake in diet too.So14 if its not leading to inadequate weight gain, feeding issues etc .in your baby then it seems harmless.All you got to do is upright positioning while feeding and keeping in that position for 15-20minutes which I am sure you must be doing .Also some tummy time  and nursing in  left lateral position helps to relieve of gas.Post20 infancy if it remains bothersome you need to consult your paediatrician to rule out food /milk allergies .

Good luck.