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Asked a question 5 months ago

My husband is tested positive for covid 19. And even i am having slight mucus from few days. Can not step out of the house and get myself tested, as that can be more risky if i am not positive. Feeling a bit scared with 28 weeks of pregnancy. What precautions and medications should i take?

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Hi Kratika

Ask your husband to isolate himself. Sanitise the surfaces. Ask him to monitor temperature and oxygen  saturation and have video consultation with the physician . If it is mild COVID infection then it can be treated at home.

For yourself, you need to monitor the symptoms like fever, cough,loss of sense of smell and get COVID test done. If you are worried go out then ask for home collection of the samples. 

As you mentioned about the mucus ,check its color and smell or whether it is blood stained or associated with itching. If you are concerned about it then see your obstetrician and get internal checkup done to rule out any infection .

Keep check on baby movements.  If you experience any pain in the tummy or tightening or any vaginal bleeding or leaking or if you are concerned about baby movements the consult your doctor immediately 

Hope this helps 

Stay safe

Dr Dongare