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Starting Solids
Asked a question last year

My son completed 6 months.. i am planning to start solid for him, doctor said his weight is not that great, what food should I include in his diet so that he will have healthy weight gain? Also how much water should be given to baby when we start giving food? Does water need to be warm when we give it baby?

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As children have small stomach capacity 2-3tbsp around 5-6months

4-5tbsp-6-7th month

5-7tbsp-7- 8th month

7-10tbsp-9-12months Can be given.

you can start off with thick porridge and purées (rice/dhal/ragi) and slowly move to well mashed foods .2-3meals per day along with frequent breast feeding .


water-has to be boiled and cooled and then given to the baby ,1-2tbsp post feeding solid