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We all know about Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani, whose spiritual insights and perspectives have transformed lives, relationships and families. Join us on the 20th of September from 3 PM to 4:30 PM for this exclusive FB and YouTube live session with BK Shivani, on The Power of Positive Parenting to shape children and also to enable and develop within the family an optimistic understanding towards life. Click here to register - To ask your questions in advance, add them in the comments section below. Video Consult our doctors / specialists via ‘It's Our Baby' App. Download the app: & book your appointment now! #WeKnowMoms #PositiveParenting

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Pls i need your help im tierd with my pussy im no more confortable with my health Doctor help me.i have vigina dischages and it smells i have been to t hospital and the doctor diagnose me to have chlamidia so he precribe some treatment which i took with my partner imediatly i finished takin the drugs the ichies will come back .now i feel wamness in my lower adorment  and vigina ordor i have take alots of antiiotics