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What are the necessary tests for infertility?

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Infertility is a vague term used when a couple fails to conceive even after trying naturally for a year without using any contraception. It encompasses a variety of reasons like tubal factor, ovarian factor, male factor, uterine factor or any other hormonal disturbances that may lead to infertility. So before we decide any treatment it’s important to know what factor is responsible and needs to be treated .So the basic evaluation involves:

  1. Tubal patency test by means of a HSG or laparoscopy
  2. Ovarian status by doing AMH and a baseline D2/3 scan to check the Antral follicle count
  3. Semen analysis to rule out Male factor
  4. A 3D pelvic scan can detect uterine abnormalities if any
  5. Hormonal analysis which includes TSH, Prolactin to check if any correction is required

These are the basic test which helps decide a treatment plan and guide you further in the process.As15 an when required based on the cause other test can also be advised By your treating doctor.