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Asked a question 3 months ago

What can I do on my own, health habits wise to increase my fertility?

Where am I?

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Good Lifestyle is the answer

Eat on time, sleep on time

Small frequents meals

Fresh fruits and vegetables

High protein diet

Exercise atleast 4 days a week

Limit the screen time.

Yoga to destress.

Attempt weight loss

Early morning sex

These are the few tips for fertility. All the best.

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Dear Apoorva,

Implementing some basic healthy lifestyle habits can help improve fertility.

-Avoid consumption of alcohol, smoking

-Eat fresh fruits and vegetables(They help reduce oxidative stress)

-Moderate daily exercise to achieve healthy weight range

- General evaluation to rule out any medical conditions for both partners 

- Preconception folic acid supplementation

It is advisable to see a fertility specialist if you don’t conceive after 6-12 months of trying naturally  

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