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Baby Care
Baby Care

Taking care of the newborn can be a little stressful at times. Let the Cloudnine community help you out in this. Join us for everything related to baby care! Be it essential care of newborn, baby care products, baby moisturizer cream baby care kits, we have got you! 

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Red colour baby would need to be evaluated. If you are saying baby is pink is normal. 
If you want to discuss more, you may have a video consultation by booking the slot.

Hi Immidisetti,

I can understand the your struggle . However I would advice to be patient and try reducing the speed and gradually time of swing. cause to cry can be other like hunger. try making your baby sleep in... (More)


There can be many reasons for babies being cranky like hunger, teething , wet diapers , infant colic.

Try to feed on demand and burping after feed for 15-20 min.

Try gentle swaying , rocking.

If you want to... (More)