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Baby Poop
Baby Poop

Childcare has so many things to know. Even your baby poop can tell you a lot about their health. Know about baby stool, newborn constipation, etc. and what you should conclude from them. Join us! 

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Passing 5-6 times stools is normal in babies, until and unless the baby is active and feeding well. Basically need more history, so you can connect to us via video consultation for any medication if needed.

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Hi,it won't be a prblm for 1 week if he passes urine 8 times a day.My2 baby also faced same when she is 1and half month old.I had checked with doc at that time,but still if u r worried visit... (More)


Glad to know that you are exclusively breastfeeding your baby. Baby's motion color may change over the time. You need not to worry about it as long as baby is exclusively on breastfeeding. 

Take care.