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We have all heard things about Caesarean births during pregnancy. But, have you ever tried to find out if it’s true? Let’s know it from the experts. Caesarean delivery, Caesarean meaning, Caesarean myths and lot more. Join the topic! 

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I would recommend go as per your obstetrician to avoid complications due to cholestasissis of pregnancy.

There is a serious risk of complications in your developing baby if you have cholestasis of pregnancy. The complications include:

  • Fetal distress. This... (More)

Hi Rupali ,

There is no problem form clinical point of view to avoid all these position.

You can start whenever you are comfortable.

If you want to discuss more, you may have a video consultation by booking the slot.... (More)


Post cs exercise

A caesarean is a major operation and it will take you at least 6 weeks to heal. However, you can still do pelvic floor exercises from around 3 days after the birth. You can start to... (More)


This stretching or burning pain can be due to ligament pull.

Avoid weight lifting exercises for at least 6 months post caesarean section.

Brown discharge can be due to the expected periods.

Nothing to worry.

If you want to... (More)