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Festive Recipes
Festive Recipes

Celebrate festivals on Cloudnine Mamas with your loved ones.

We have amazing recipes you can try out with your kids! Do try and post the delicious dishes.

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Holi Recipe 2: Khus Khus Pudding

Here is the next Holi special recipe by@Manpreet Kaur Paul , Executive Nutritionist, Cloudnine Hospitals, Faridabad

Khus Khus pudding


  • Poppy seeds (khus khus)- 1/2 cup
  • Toned milk- 3cups
  • Brown Rice- 4tbsp
  • Cinnamon Powder- 2tbsp
  • Green cardamom- a small... (More)

Holi 2022: Mouth-watering diabetes-friendly recipes for your Holi party

While there is no denying the sweet delicacies of Holi are impossible to resist, there is also a cause for alarm: Calories! But worry not, there is a way you can have Holi delicacies without piling on the calories and... (More)

CORNFLAKES PEANUT CONE / CHRISTMAS CONE - the nostalgic recipe from childhood!

Childhood memories play a significant role in shaping our lives. In the time of Christmas, we often wander about the lanes of memory, finding trances of joy and happiness. Our expert @Divya R has brought out one such memory of... (More)

Delicious Protein Tarts - a simple and healthy recipe learned from Mom!

The bond of a mother and a child is the most beautiful thing in the world. Learning how to make a dish from your mother that you used to love in your childhood can make anyone feel blessed and happy!... (More)