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Community LIVE Sessions
Community LIVE Sessions

Join the Community LIVE sessions on various informative topics with experts and doctors from Cloudnine Hospitals!

Ask any questions you might have in the comments section below on anything concerning wellness, dealing with obstacles, things to do, and much more regarding health, you may have in the comments section below, and we'll address them during the LIVE.

Join the exclusive and informative Community LIVE session about the lesser known topics and ask all your health related queries to our specialist!

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Join us for a LIVE session on 'Common Myths About Milk Supply' on October 4th, 5PM with Priyanka Khanna

🤰👶 When you're pregnant or a new mom, breastfeeding can be challenging, but we've got your back! 💪

Join us for a session on 'Common Myths About Milk Supply' on October 4th with Priyanka Khanna to get essential insights and... (More)

We are LIVE! Join us for a Live Session: "Conceiving with Endometriosis" with Dr. Alia Reddy.

Struggling to conceive due to endometriosis? Discover the path to parenthood with expert guidance.

Learn about:

  • Fertility challenges with endometriosis
  • Tailored treatments
  • Lifestyle tips
  • Coping strategies

Your journey to parenthood starts here. Don't miss it! 💪



We are LIVE! Join our expert, Dr. Pankaj Yadav, for a live session on "Managing Allergies & Asthma in Children" on Sept 21st, 5PM.

Discover essential tips and insights:

✅ Identifying triggers for allergies and asthma.

✅ The latest treatment options.

✅ Creating a supportive environment. 

✅ Get your questions answered.

Empower your child for a healthier life. 



We are LIVE! Join Lalchawimawi Sanate, physiotherapist for an insightful session on "Post-natal Healing" on Sep 8th.

Postnatal healing refers to the process that a woman's body goes through after giving birth. It involves the physical and emotional recovery from the changes that occurred during pregnancy and childbirth.

Get all the essential information and ask your questions... (More)