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Try this simple yet delicious Halim Seed Ladoo recipe by Divya R, Senior Executive Nutritionist at Cloudnine

A shoutout for the irresistibly delicious Halim seed ladoos for to-be-Mamas!

This yummy and healthy recipe is sure make your day brighter.

This amazing recipe was by Cloudnine's Nutritionist, @Divya R!

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Try something new, here's our easy, tasty and healthy "B-Wonder Buttermilk"!

Give it up for Cloudnine's A listers!

Starting is the Wonder Buttermilk, with a yummy blend of Banana stems, cumin, cinnamon, some salt and lots of nutrition!

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Try something new, here’s our super tasty and healthy “SALAD TO THE RESCUE”

Salads are boring; salads don’t taste good; who eats salad? Is that the way you respond to salads? Give us a chance to change your thinking with our “Magical Quinoa Salad”
Recipe by our nutrition expert @Nina Maria Saldanha

Ingredients:... (More)

Quick and easy salad recipes to do wonders for you!

Why spend long hours waiting for snacks during pregnancy when delicious and healthy options like these salads with special blends of vegetables and chana can come in handy for you.

Try our special "Wonder Salad" recipe by our Nutrition Expert... (More)