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Emotional Wellness
Emotional Wellness

Your emotional wellness can take a hike during pregnancy and even after childbirth. Join us to know it from the experts about maintaining your emotional health, emotional health for mom and the newborn baby, advice for new parents, and improve your mental strength. 

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Pregnancy is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.

Plug in to these healing beats.


Parenting begins with pregnancy

You become parents the moment you conceive. This also happens because all your actions are achieved keeping in mind the well-being of your unborn child. This beautiful responsibility prepares you for the role of parents once the baby is born.... (More)

Join our upcoming webinar to know all about “Emotional groundwork for aspiring parents” with Dr. Abhishek Pasari, ShishuPuram on September 30th at 5 PM

Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful life journeys. The path to becoming a parent might be filled with emotional ups and downs, making it essential for aspiring parents to be prepared for the emotional groundwork.

Join us... (More)