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Exclusively Pumping
Exclusively Pumping

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Hi.. Greetings

 Pumped breast milk can be kept for about 3-4hrs at room temperature I. E 26 degrees or may be less should also be fine and formula milk can be kept for 1 hr. Thank u


Firstly you haven’t mentioned how old your little one is. What is the reason you have been expressing in the first place?
The answer to your question lies in your preference. If you prefer to breast feed your baby... (More)


Your 14 days old baby seems to be doing what a normal newborn is expected to do. Frequent feeding, hunger cries, irritability are all normal at this age. The poop and urine output looks ok. If the baby passes... (More)

Hello Smriti,

Exclusive breastfeeding on demands helps to get more milk. Bottle feeding is not recommended as baby gets nipple confused and flow confused too.

Frequent and complete breast drainage will help to improve your milk supply.

I would suggest... (More)