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Gestational Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes

Join the topic to know about gestational diabetes, gestational diabetes diets, type 2 diabetes and pregnancy, type 2 diabetes after pregnancy, diet after gestational diabetes from specialist doctors! 

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Hi, there is slight elevation in ur OGTT, nothing to worry, but with diet control. U can get that to normal range, please consult ur gynec for further evaluation. 

Dear Madhulima,
Thank you for reaching us. Kindly consult the specialist with appointment/Video Consult for a clear understanding of the reports and further treatment changes if deemed necessary by the doctor. Please note our doctors will be happy to help... (More)

Hi Madhulima,

gestational diabetes is a common condition in Indian women. your pregnancy causes hormonal changes and hence sugar disturbances. Properly addressed Gdm, controlled with either diet/ oral medicines/ insulin would not cause major problems in the growth of the... (More)