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Hi Meenakshi,

Good to connect with you online. Let me let you know firstly that some amount of hair on the upper lip of your baby girl is normal, however you might want it gone for cosmetic reasons which is... (More)

An informative webinar on stem cell banking : Newborn's future health shield

Preservation of cord blood is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, therefore it's important to understand the potential benefits of stem cell banking for the newborn.

Learn about ways to invest in your child's future health, in this informative webinar on July 9th... (More)


A simple 'Thank you' would be too small to express our respect for the tiring efforts of our Doctors. In these testing times, doctors have selflessly stepped forward and worked for our better health.

Here is a heartfelt thank you... (More)

A Mindful Pregnancy. An exclusive webinar by DR. SEEMA SHARMA.

Balancing your emotions is the key to ensuring a calm and healthy pregnancy.

Cloudnine presents an informative webinar on achieving a Mindful Pregnancy on 25th June at 5 PM with renowned specialist Dr. Seema Sharma.

Click here to register.... (More)