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High-Risk Pregnancy
High-Risk Pregnancy

Join us for guidance on the care of high-risk postnatal mother, high-risk prenatal care, care of high-risk mother and more from the best specialists. 

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We now deliver medicines too

Why step out when you can get all your medicines at your doorstep! We're glad to announce that we are home delivering your prescribed medicines.

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Abdominal pain would need more description, the severity, specific location, duration, any associated urinary complaints or bowel disturbances. Persistent moderate to severe abdominal pain would require you to consult your care provider and get evaluated as to why there... (More)

Tune in to this FB LIVE session with an eminent panel of Internationally renowned Neonatologists and Pediatricians on the 11th of September from 5PM to know 'all about newborn screening'

Newborn screening identifies babies at risk of having serious medical conditions that can affect normal development. Cloudnine's Newborn Screening aims to achieve early identification of such conditions. Thus, resulting in early intervention that can help babies lead a normal life... (More)