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High-Risk Pregnancy
High-Risk Pregnancy

Join us for guidance on the care of high-risk postnatal mother, high-risk prenatal care, care of high-risk mother and more from the best specialists. 

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yes please take the medications as advised by your doctor, and it will be inappropriate to tell if it is needed or not without knowing your history a d other reports. You can have a virtual consultation with our... (More)

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Don’t panic, less than 2.5 cm is considered as short cervix. Since you have the cervical length very close to be considered as short cervix your doctor has advised rest to avoid further... (More)

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Please do find more about our Jayanagar specialists here

You can Download 'Its Our Baby App' (available on Appstore for both android and iPhone).Enter your details and select 'Book Video Consultation' and select... (More)