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Join our upcoming webinar with Dr. Amit Nigade, on 12th October at 5PM to learn how we can help you enjoy this wonderful time with ease and confidence.

As you bond with your newborn, holding a part of you close to your heart is certainly one of the most fulfilling and blissful moments you may experience.

Join our upcoming webinar with Dr. Amit Nigade, on 12th October at... (More)


  Cough in a 5 week old infant is something that's not to be neglected. Kindly consult the pediatrician ASAP. I am available to guide you on :

Join our upcoming session to learn about the power of healthy habits in kids with Dr. Abhishek Pasari, Shishupuram on 22nd September at 5 PM

It is important to start teaching your child healthy habits as early as possible. This helps them avoid making unhealthy choices and developing lifelong bad habits.

Join us for an enlightening session with @Dr. Abhishek Pasari - Clinical Psychology Pregnancy,... (More)

FB-Live: Learn the right way to introduce solids to your baby with Dr. Kishore Kumar, Founder & Chairman, Senior Neonatologist and Abhilasha V, Head Nutritionist & Dietician on September 4 at 11 AM

According to WHO, Mother's milk is the only food that is healthy, full-term babies need for about the first six months of life. However, once the baby is able to sit and is about four-six months old, you should start... (More)