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Infant Physical Development
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Hi Divya

It is a little difficult to comment without examining your baby and without knowing the complete history of the prenatal, delivery and postnatal periods. Babies do momentarily hold their head up in the 1st month of life and... (More)

Magic of Malish: The Science Behind Baby Massages

Back in the day, a malish wali was synonymous with newborn/paediatric care.

Malish is a time-honoured tradition in India, heavily rooted in science. The practice doesn’t only serve as therapy for newborns, it also aids in physiological functioning, bonding, relief... (More)

Join our upcoming webinar with Cryoviva India to learn about stem cells and what future it holds on 25th September at 5PM

Parts of our bodies or their functioning might be destroyed or altered as a result of factors such as ageing, accident, or illness. This could lead to difficulty in getting pregnant. But with technological advancements, methods like stem cell banking... (More)