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Infant Physical Development
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Webinar on "Baby Nursing Tips for New Parents" with Manju M & Neha Ravi, on 28th Jan at 12 PM!

Baby nursing is more than just feeding breastmilk to your little one. It also helps you strengthen your bond with them. It is also a means of giving them comfort and affection by gently holding and swaying them.

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Hello Priyanka 

usually baby will develop teeth around 6-12 months and about the tongue tie is persistent then it may have some speech issues. but try to talk to pediatrician Regarding the same. 
take care 


by 6-8 months babies will roll over from tummy to back, and vise versa you can consult a pediatrician so that they can examine the muscle tone , reflexes and also can get complete history like when was baby... (More)

What are the important child development milestones?

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