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Infant Physical Development
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What are the important child development milestones?

There are different milestones at each phase of the baby after birth. This video explains all of them in detail helping new parents to help their kids achieve them. Watch now!

Hello @Rani Rege3 thank you for reaching us, will we update back soon with inofrmation on this. Meanwhile it will be helpful if you can provide your details with preferred location with us at moms@cloudninecare.com3 and we can provide definite... (More)

Join our upcoming webinar in collaboration with Cryoviva India; on 30th October at 5PM, where Neha Pandey will provide you with complete information about Stem Cell Banking and its importance

Gift your newborn a lifetime protection from various diseases through Stem Cell Banking. Stem Cell preservation can shield your little one against more than 80 life threatening diseases for a lifetime. Specially during the festive season, it is important to... (More)

Hi Divya

It is a little difficult to comment without examining your baby and without knowing the complete history of the prenatal, delivery and postnatal periods. Babies do momentarily hold their head up in the 1st month of life and... (More)