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Labour and Delivery
Labour and Delivery

There is so much to know about the labouring process like labour room tips, stages of normal labour, painless labour, what are the things a woman in labour should do etc. Know it all. Join the topic! 

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Yes you can wait for the natural labour pains to start.

Your obstetrician will monitor fetal well-being by NST and scans for Amniotic fluid levels.

Continue squatting exercises.

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Nothing to worry. Stress may cause change in baby movement pattern.

First-pregnant women may feel baby movements little later by around 20-22 weeks . while 2 nd time pregnant women may feel the baby movements little earlier.

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Reason can be episiotomy site granuloma or opening up of sutures. We need to have a proper checkup first to guide you. Do visit your obstetrician for this issue.

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