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Labour and Delivery
Labour and Delivery

There is so much to know about the labouring process like labour room tips, stages of normal labour, painless labour, what are the things a woman in labour should do etc. Know it all. Join the topic! 

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Hello @Sirisha2

Husband is allowed inside labour room at cloudnine. Please do write with your details at moms@cloudninecare.com4 and we will arrange a callback to you for desired details. You can also call our customer care at 99728 99728 for... (More)


are you pregnant or breastfeeding?

you better consult an obg specialist if you don’t get get normal periods in a day or so. And also make sure that its vaginal bleed or the blood tinged urine. 


if the rashes are spreading and baby has itching then that will get reduced by giving antarax. but if you still feel that the symptoms are flaring up then do consult pediatrician again.