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Labour and Delivery
Labour and Delivery

There is so much to know about the labouring process like labour room tips, stages of normal labour, painless labour, what are the things a woman in labour should do etc. Know it all. Join the topic! 

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Webinar on "Labour and Childbirth Guide", 26th May, 5 pm!

If you're expecting a baby, one of the big questions you will have in mind will be regarding labour pain management. Mothers can manage labour pain by learning about childbirth and preparing themselves with medications and exercises.

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Coping with Early Labor

Every mother experiences different levels of pain during their early labor. In this video, Dr. Chitralekha advises on the various coping mechanisms that can be used to ensure a smooth delivery -

First Stage of Labour

What to expect during the first stage of labor? Here is an article that gives you a breakdown of all you need to know about the first stage of labor -

How does obesity affect labour?

Dr. Anuradha explains what complications could arise case of obesity during pregnancy. Watch to be prepared!