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Nutrition Tips for Babies under 1 year
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Yes you can gradually start giving him food as other family members have. 

Initially start with small quantity of cow milk. then increase as baby tolerates. 

our lactation expert will give an opinion about this query too.

Hey, if your doctor suggested to you start solid then you start,but start with sami-solid,like daal -pani, cerelac, massed potato and banana etc. Raagi is good but don't start with this. You can try to give breastfeeding along with them.... (More)

Hi Veena ,

You can start giving ragi with homemade flour.

If sprouted ragi flour cannot be made, soaking the grains overnight and then drying, roasting and powdering them is also fine.

Follow the 3 day wait rule. When you... (More)

Hi, I too had this issue when my baby was very small. I tried to feed everytime before giving formula milk to my baby.You3 should feed the baby, so while you build up your breastmilk supply, using a very small... (More)