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Nutrition Tips for Babies under 1 year
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Hi Nivetha,

Yes, you may use cymbi drops in the prescribed dosage. Semi solid diet can be started from after the completion of 6 months. Tummy gas is a normal phenomenon and children grow out of it. Take care and... (More)

Patient testimonials

"My Dietitian Nina, rather I should call her friend did a great job understanding my need during pregnancy. I remember the very first meeting with her. I was worried as I was diagnosed with diabetes. But that smile on her... (More)

FB-Live: Learn the right way to introduce solids to your baby with Dr. Kishore Kumar, Founder & Chairman, Senior Neonatologist and Abhilasha V, Head Nutritionist & Dietician on September 4 at 11 AM

According to WHO, Mother's milk is the only food that is healthy, full-term babies need for about the first six months of life. However, once the baby is able to sit and is about four-six months old, you should start... (More)

On the final day of Nutrition Week, start your day with Fermented Rice

Fermented? Absolutely. Why? Because it’s healthy!

Rice that makes you feel healthy. Fermented rice is the best source of good bacteria for both the mother and the baby. It also reduces the levels of phytic acid in the body.

Add... (More)