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I would suggest wait for a week and repeat the Urine pregnancy test.

If still negative you can visit your gynaecologist for evaluation And scan.

If you want to discuss more, you may have a video consultation by booking... (More)


It depends upon the day of cycle when you took emergency contraception.
You should follow up with your doctor if:

  • your next period is 7 days late or lighter than usual
  • you have taken the morning after pill more... (More)

Live streaming Now on "Guide to Gestational Diabetes: Diet & Treatment"

Gestational diabetes is diabetes that develops during pregnancy even if you did not previously have diabetes. Gestational diabetes affects how your cells use glucose, much like other types of diabetes do.

Learn actionable diet tactics and treatments for managing gestational... (More)

✨ We are LIVE for an exclusive LIVE discussion on "Pregnancy in your 30s: Expectations & Precautions" with leading medical professionals Dr. Sadhna and Dr. Hriday.

Here is all you need to know about becoming pregnant after the age of 30, including information on fertility, conception, pregnancy, labour, and delivery. The professionals will guide you towards all the expectations and precautions required while planning a pregnancy... (More)