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We are LIVE for our exclusive session on "Ask me anything on pregnancy" with Dr. Ragini Agarwal!

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage of a woman's life. Receiving top-notch care is essential before, during, and after your pregnancy. It can try to protect both your and your baby's health. All of your worries and queries about it will... (More)

For preganacy daily recommendation is 30 mcg/day. However additional supplements are not required , you will get those through balance diet. 

We are LIVE for our exclusive session on "Thyroid & Pregnancy", with Dr. Ramya K.S!

Join the exclusive session on the "relationship between healthy thyroid and pregnancy" with Dr. Ramya K.S, Obstetrician& Gynaecologist. Learn how hyper or hypo thyroidism affects your pregnancy and what all you need to know about the same to keep it... (More)