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Physiotherapy Exercise Videos
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Webinar on "Fitness Guide for a Healthy Pregnancy" on 11th Mar!

Stay Fit and Healthy During Pregnancy! Join our upcoming webinar on 11th March. The webinar will help moms-to-be stay fit, healthy and active during pregnancy. Click here: to register. To ask questions in advance, add them in the comments... (More)

We are LIVE with the exclusive Community session on "Role of Physiotherapy in Women's Health" with Neha Gill!

Did you know that there are physiotherapists who specialise in providing care for women? However, it's a well-kept secret, and many women learn about these expert services only when complications arise, after giving birth, or after receiving a recommendation from... (More)

Join our upcoming webinar on Lamaze by Shalini, on 4th March at 12 PM!

Prepare for a Positive Birth Experience! Join our upcoming webinar on Lamaze by Shalini, on 4th March. This webinar is a perfect opportunity for expectant parents to learn about childbirth preparation and techniques to reduce pain and discomfort during labour.... (More)

Webinar on "Lamaze Breathing Techniques to Prepare for Delivery" with Neha Gill, on 4th Feb at 12 PM!

Discover the power of Lamaze! Join our upcoming webinar by Neha Gill, Physiotherapist, Chandigarh on 4th February. Learn about this evidence-based approach to childbirth and how it can help you have a safe, comfortable, and empowering birth experience.

Get expert... (More)