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A gift of fitness with Physiotherapy - Posterior Pelvic Tilt Exercise

Watch the next exlusive exercise video on “Posterior Pelvic Tilt” for SI joint dysfunction by our Cloudnine expert @ Mithila Mukesh Pawar , Physiotherapist, Cloudnine Hospital, Malad, Mumbai

This exercise stretches the hamstrings and strengthens the core and low back.... (More)

A gift of fitness from Cloudnine this World Health Day!

This World Health Day, we continue with our next series of fitness exercise videos demonstrated by our eminent and highly trained physiotherapists!

At Cloudnine, our prominent and well-known physiotherapist will illustrate some moves for Moms and Moms-to-be!

Check this video... (More)

A gift of fitness with Physiotherapy - Spinal Stretch

We are excited to launch our series of Physiotherapy exercise videos with today's exercise being the "Spinal Stretch". With the help of this physiotherapy exercise, you easily stretch your spinal muscles.

Check out the video of the 'Spinal stretch' to... (More)