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Postnatal Fitness
Postnatal Fitness

Healthy eating is specially important during pregnancy to ensure that mom and baby get enough nutrients to grow and develop properly. A pregnant woman's nutrition is an important component of her balanced diet and calorie intake. To learn more about diet plans during pregnancy, join us! 

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Exercise for mothers during pregnancy

Dr. Anuradha S explains simple exercises to stay fit during pregnancy. Watch now!


consult your physician or a neurologist so that they can examine you and let you know if it has any neurological symptoms. Now you can try doing some hamstring stretching and back exercises. Hot fomentation will also help. 

Drinking sharbat healthy or harmful in summer season? Know from a nutritionist

As the peak summer season is upon us and the heatwave is not expected to recede anytime soon. Drinking homemade sharbat is one of the natural ways to beat the heat and stay hydrated.

Our expert @Rupali Mathur , Executive... (More)