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Hey there new moms! If you're pregnant or about to become pregnant, you're probably aware of some important pregnancy tips for both you and the baby. We're here to provide more pregnancy care tips for a better and healthier growth and lifestyle for new mothers and babies. 

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The subchorionic collection is small. Most probably subchorionic bleed is coming out. Brownish discharge can be that subchorionic collection blood and it may be coming out which is dark red in colour. Continue progesterone supplements advised by your obstetrician.... (More)

2-FDCK: A Promising Research Chemical for Anesthetic Applications

In the kingdom of research chemicals, 2-FDCK (2-Fluorodeschloroketamine) has garnered interest for the distinctive attributes and possible applications. 2-FDCK is one of the arylcyclohexylamine class and is structurally much like ketamine, a well-known dissociative anesthetic. This information delves to the... (More)

Improper handling of patients

Came in for NT scan today. We were waiting for 30 mins , filled all the forms and when our turn came in, the attendant informs that Mask is mandatory. "If you don't have mask, I will let the other... (More)

Hi Anastasia,

Avoid hair colouring till completion of 1st trimester .

You can do hair colour later with herbal products.

Avoid direct contact with eyes , hands.

Tell your beautician about the pregnancy , so they will take care of... (More)