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Pregnancy Fitness
Pregnancy Fitness

Mommy workouts are a big part of fitness during pregnancy. Join us today to learn which workouts are suitable for you and your growing baby!

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Laughter is the best Medicine to Improve your Mental Health during and after Pregnancy.

We have all heard this phrase - Laughter is the best medicine. But how does it benefit pregnancy? By increasing essential hormones and improving mood, laughter during pregnancy helps to lessen mental sensitivities caused by hormonal changes. After childbirth, laughing... (More)

Happy National Coffee Day!

Here's wishing an energizing cuppa always next to you to infuse you with energy and keep you ready for all the challenges. 

Breathing Techniques

Lamaze sessions help expecting parents improve their chances of having a healthy and safe natural delivery. They involve various breathing and relaxation exercises that help in managing anxiety and labour pain by diverting attention away from discomfort.

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