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Pregnancy Myths
Pregnancy Myths

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FB LIVE: Vomiting in Pregnancy, on 27th June at 5PM by Dr. Gunjan Bhola!

Worried about nausea and vomiting? There is really no need to get anxious about it as this is the most common problem faced in pregnancy. Every individual pregnancy differs and so does the conditions.

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A lot of baby myths need to be busted!

What do you think? Myth or fact: The fetus is in the mother's womb and is unaffected by the mother's emotions and atmosphere.

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don’t worry, yes first scan is usually done to confirm pregnancy and also if possible to determine the fetal gestational age. 
take care 

Hi dear

Don't worry about this. But now you can start chapatti in one time and besan cheela, suji cheela green moong dal cheela you can also include in your diet. And one time rice you cam have or rice... (More)