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Pregnancy Nutrition
Pregnancy Nutrition

Healthy eating is specially important during pregnancy to ensure that mom and baby get enough nutrients to grow and develop properly. A pregnant woman's nutrition is an important component of her balanced diet and calorie intake. To learn more about diet plans during pregnancy, join us! 

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When Planning a Pregnancy avoid taking Excessive Vitamin A.

In order to minimize the risk of teratogenic effects from excessive vitamin A intake, the WHO recommends that the maximum daily dose of vitamin A during pregnancy is no more than 10,000 IU daily or 25,000 IU weekly after the... (More)


yes please take the medications as advised by your doctor, and it will be inappropriate to tell if it is needed or not without knowing your history a d other reports. You can have a virtual consultation with our... (More)

Happy National Coffee Day!

Here's wishing an energizing cuppa always next to you to infuse you with energy and keep you ready for all the challenges. 

Start Prenatal Vitamins early to Aid Fertility.

Numerous studies have proven that folic acid is essential for the baby at every stage of development, plus it helps promote ovulation and fertility, and it is vital for the development of early embryos. Get a healthy pre-pregnancy diet plan,... (More)